Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the action of individuals can have far reaching effects. -Dalai Lama

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Owned and operated by local firefighters proudly serving our community

KC Northland, Curbside Glass Recycling is Here!

What We Do

Wright Brothers Curbside Glass knows how valuable your time is, so we created a curbside glass recycling program to eliminate the hassle of recycling your empty glass bottles and jars.

Here is How Our Service Works:

  • We will give you a brand new recycling bin for FREE!  The first bin is on us.  If your bin is lost, damaged, missing, or if you need more than one, additional bins are $10 each.

  • When you are finished with your beer, wine, pickles, baby food, or any other glass bottle; just throw the empty container in your bin.  You don't have to worry about removing the labels.

  • Slide your glass recycling bin to the curb, by 8 A.M. on your designated pick up day.  Pick up will occur once or twice a month depending on your plan.  See our Calendar for pick up schedule.

  • We will empty your bin and deliver all the empty glass to our friends at Ripple Glass where they will process the glass for reuse in glass bottles and fiberglass insulation.

  • Our cost is between $8-$12 a month, depending on your plan.

  • It is that easy!  Sign Up now!


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