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Will you pick up from businesses?

Yes.  Contact us for more information.

Do you work with homeowner associations?

Yes. Contact Us for more information.  We'd love to come and speak at your HOA meeting and answer questions in person.

I have a special event coming up. Can we arrange a 1 time pick up?

Yes. Contact us for more information.  We do wedding receptions, big Super Bowl parties and so on. If possible, 1 week notice or more is best!

Why do I need a special bin?

It's important to use a Wright Brothers bin so trash collectors don't throw away the glass.  That's why your bin is white and lime green.

I'm moving. Do you offer refunds?

Yes.  We want happy customers whose business we earn year after year.  If you move out of Wright Brothers coverage area, we offer refunds prorated on how many pick ups you have left.  You can also transfer our services to your new address, or you can ask that the remaining pick ups are left with the new home owners if you prefer.  Bottom line, we are flexible and willing to work with you.

What if my bin is lost, stolen or damaged?

You can buy a new bin for $10. Incidentally, the bin size is 14 gallons and weighs a little over 3 pounds empty.

What if I can't fill my bin entirely?  Should I put it out on the curb?

Yes, we're going to be there anyway; we might as well take the glass you have!

How can I remember which day is my pick up day? 

You can go to and click on calendar, or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for Sunday updates before pick up day.

What's in your bin?

Why isn't glass collected in curbside recycling programs?

The short answer – glass breaks. And when it’s mixed with other recyclables, broken glass degrades and contaminates those materials, reducing their utility and causing them to be discarded or “downcycled” into lower-quality products.

Do I have to separate glass by color?


No, you don’t! All brown, green, blue, and clear food and beverage containers can be mixed together in the same collection bin.

Do I need to take the labels off?


Nope. You can leave all the labels on your containers, unless you’re into label peeling. 


Do I have to rinse the containers?


Well, that would be nice. But it’s not essential. You may, however, decide that rinsing the containers keeps your home or garage smelling a bit fresher. 


Can I put Pyrex or coffee mugs in the bins?


We cannot accept Pyrex, Corning ware, ceramics, or dishware. We can accept all glass food and beverage containers of any color (including mason jars and glass drinking vessels, such as wine glasses).


Can I put mirrors, light bulbs, or TV's in the bins?


We’ll keep this one short. No, no, and no.


What is glass cullet?


Glass cullet is the fancy term for glass that is cleaned, crushed and ready to be processed into new products including glass containers, fiberglass, reflective paints, abrasives, aggregates, and more.  We turn your recycled glass containers into cullet for a number of local customers, most notably Owens Corning, which uses it to make fiberglass insulation; and Ardagh, which turns it into new glass bottles, including those used by Boulevard Brewing Company. 

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