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Wright Brothers Curbside Glass Recycling

Shayne Wright, Owner and Operator. 816-217-3971


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From the Owner

Wright Brothers was founded in 2015 on a simple notion.  Keep glass out of the trash, protect our natural resources, and reduce the size and depth of our footprint on our planet. 

Our company is a "throwback" to a different time when you could pick up the phone and actually reach a "real" person on the other end.  We value YOU, our clients (present and future), and we strive to earn your business each year by providing you with a worthwhile service at a very affordable price.   I'm proud of what we have built and continue to build in our community...Kansas City.  We believe SMALL CHANGES do have the BIGGEST IMPACT!  I invite you to come "grow with us" as we do our part to preserve our planet for future generations! We look forward to serving you well!

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